flimzyflop (d4nce4m01) wrote,

Angel: Rosalie (G)

'Drabble' for fridaydrabble

"Who are you?" The little girl asked.
The woman looked down surprised, a little native girl stood by her feet, tugging on the hem of her dress.
"Who are you?" The woman asked back, a small smile gracing her beautiful full lips.
"My name's Claire, will you play with me?" She pointed at the park with her chubby four year old arms.
"Of course."
They played on the swings, the woman pushed Claire over her head.
They played in the sandbox, the woman didn't notice the wet sand staining her dress.
They swung on the monkey bars. Well Claire did, the woman helped.

"Will you come back and play with me again?"
"Tomorrow." She promised.
"Quil, I played with a angel"
"Oh? When was that?" He asked, swinging her up high as she giggled.
"At the park!"
"Angels play in the park?"
"Yes. On the swing. That is how they fly."
Quil smiled fondly at his silly little girl.
"Yes, Claire?"
"Is mama a angel?"
"Of course she is. The most beautiful angel of all."
"Do you think that was her, the angel at the park?"
"Maybe," Quil hedged.
The little girl sighed.
"I always wanted a mama."
Rosalie always wanted to be one.
Which was why the next day she watched in anguish as Quil and the little girl stood hand in hand waiting for the angel to show up.
But she couldn't go.
Claire would never forget the kind stranger.
While her Aunt Emily was kind and treated her like her own, the only image she could see when she thought of a mother was that beautiful woman at the park.
The angel was Claire's alone, and when she was rocking her own children to sleep late at night, Quil's snores sounding softly from the bedroom, she secretly believed that for one day her mother's soul had come to play with her at the park in the form of a woman so beautiful...

She could have only come from heaven.
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